National Warranty manual

(F) Animals , including, but not limited to, insects, termites, birds, rodents, and other vermin. (G) Failure to provide proper ventilation . Dampness or condensation due to your failure to provide adequate or proper ventilation. (H) Failure to maintain proper temperatures (heating and cooling) within your home . (I) Soil movement and subsidence (including a landslide) which was not reasonably predictable through reasonable investigation (soil testing or other geological investigation) at the time of constructing the home. (J) Underground Water . Changes in the level of underground water table which were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of construction of your home; (K) Failure to timely notify us of a construction defect in the manner described in section 3.3. (L) Failure to timely take action to prevent damage as provided in section 3.3. 4.3 Harmless deviations. This Warranty does not cover any non-conformity with or deviation from plans, specifications, manufacturer’s recommendations, or building code requirements, unless it results in a construction defect. 4.5 No physical damage. Any condition which has not resulted in actual physical damage to your home; 4.6 Buried debris. Any loss or damage caused by buried debris, underground springs, sinkholes, mineshafts or other anomalies which were not reasonably foreseeable; 4.7 Known loss. Any defect or damage you knew about prior to the Warranty commencement date; 4.8 Public funds. Loss caused, in whole or in part, by any peril or occurrence for which compensation is provided by state legislation or public funds; 4.9 Expiration of Warranty/Not Covered under Construction Performance Guidelines. Any construction defect first occurring after the applicable term of the Warranty expires or explicitly excluded in the Performance Guidelines is not covered. 4.10 Consequential damage. We are not obligated to repair or pay for any other damage — often called "consequential” or “incidental” damage — associated with or resulting from an alleged construction defect. Consequential and incidental damages not covered by this Warranty include, but are not limited to, the following: (A) Temporary living expenses, including, but not limited to, shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage, or other expenses; but if we determine it is necessary to temporarily move you out of the home while we perform repairs, we will pay the cost of 4.4 Bodily injury or damage to personal property.


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