National Warranty manual

(B) Step 2 - Allow us to investigate. We will review and investigate concerns. Our investigation may involve sending employees or consultants to your home to inspect the component or to perform tests or other analysis. If that is necessary, we will coordinate with you to meet us or our representatives at your home during our normal business hours (between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday). Weekend service is not available. An adult (18+ years old) must be present. (C) Step 3 - Our response. After investigating, we will inform you whether there is a construction defect covered under this Warranty. If there is a covered construction defect, we will repair or at our option replace it as provided in this Warranty. Alternatively, instead of correcting the construction defect, we may decide at our option to pay you the cost of correction as provided in section 2.4(C). If an issue is not covered (e.g., normal wear and tear or not covered in this Warranty), we suggest contacting a licensed and bonded contractor to assist you. (D) Step 4 - Repair process. We require access to your home during our normal business hours to perform the repair work. An adult must be present, as we and/or trades/consultants cannot be at home unaccompanied. We will start and complete the work as soon as possible based on your schedule, our work schedule, and the availability of the contractors and materials required to do the work. Your cooperation and flexibility is needed for us to complete the work promptly. If the required repairs are so extensive that we determine that you need to temporarily move out of the home until the work is finished, we will reimburse you the reasonable costs for alternative lodging and per diem. Prior to work commencement, you will need to sign a letter outlining the scope of work to be performed. When repairs are completed, you will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of performance of the work and, where appropriate, a release of claims relating to the repaired construction defect. Any such release will not prevent you from making claims for subsequent or different construction defects. 5.2 Failure to allow access to home. If you do not provide access to your home during normal business hours to inspect, repair, or conduct tests on your home as may be required to evaluate or repair a construction defect or Structural Defect, you are relieving Century Communities of all responsibility to make repairs, replace or pay for any defect under this Warranty. Before you request service, please have in mind a time when the service call will be convenient for you. Please make every attempt possible to keep your scheduled appointments with our Customer Relations personnel and trade contractors. Century Communities will not be responsible for expenses that you incur for repair work that is done by persons other than Century Communities unless that work is authorized, in writing, by our Customer Relations Manager. Our field Customer Relations representatives do not have permission to authorize repair work by others and they do not have the authority to extend or alter the Limited Warranty in any way. Century Communities does not reimburse for the time taken off work for repairs. 5.3 Emergency repairs. If an emergency condition exists that requires immediate repairs to protect the safety of occupants of your home or to prevent imminent serious damage to your home, you may make the repairs and we will reimburse you the reasonable cost of those


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