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S E C T I O N 2 — C O N S T R U C T I O N O F YO U R H OM E

stage, before insulation. The home has started to take shape but the beginning stages of the mechanical systems are still visible. This is an opportunity for you to see the quality that goes inside the walls of your home. Although it is not permissible to request changes during the Pre-Drywall Orientation, this meeting does provide the opportunity to confirm that all of your previously requested changes and options have been installed properly. We will also update you on the target delivery date. Your Pre-Drywall Orientation is scheduled by your Construction Manager and usually takes about an hour. You will meet your Construction Manager at your new home site. Please remember to bring this homeowner manual, pricing addenda, and any other contractual documents related to the construction of your new home. Please understand that if for any reason you are unavailable to attend this meeting, we will continue with the construction of your home. PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS The local building and zoning departments of the city or county must review and approve the plans and specifications for your home. We construct each home to comply with the plans and specifications approved by the applicable building department. Your specifications become part of our agreements with trade contractors and suppliers. Only written instructions from Century Communities can change these contracts. Many factors may cause variations between the model home and the home we deliver to you. Regulatory Changes From time to time, city or county agencies adopt new codes or regulations that can affect your home. Such changes are usually adopted in the interest of safety and are legal requirements with which Century Communities must comply. Therefore, builders may construct the same floor plan slightly differently in two different jurisdictions or at two different times within the same jurisdiction. Topography and Home Site Conditions Because each home site is shaped differently, the position of your home on the site may vary from others in the community. You will receive a copy of the plot plan that shows your home’s position on your home site at your New Buyer Orientation meeting. In addition, the exterior elevations of each home are affected by the topography, or surface contours of your home site. For instance, slope on the site may affect the configuration of the driveway and walks. Utilities The location of meters, phone and electrical junction boxes, and mailboxes are examples of items outside the control of Century Communities. We can make no representations about final locations due to authority of the utility companies.


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