National Warranty manual

Century Communities’ Warranty. H. Exterior mildew and fungi In some climates, mildewand fungi can be expected to formon exterior surfaces. This is a naturally occurring condition and is not considered a construction defect. Cleaning to remove mildew and fungi is a part of homeowner maintenance. I. Repair work performed by Century Communities When exterior siding or trim is repaired or replaced by Century Communities, we will attempt to match the surrounding area. However, it may not be possible to match colors, textures and finishes exactly due to fading from sunlight andweather. Fireplace does not draw properly – smoke in living area A properly designed and constructed fireplace and chimney will function correctly. Homes that have been constructed to meet stringent energy criteria may need to have a nearby window opened slightly to create an effective draft. If the fireplace does not draw properly, it will be repaired. B. Fireplace brick or mortar cracked or discolored Due to the extreme fluctuations in temperature, minor cracks are common in fireplace bricks and mortar. Discoloration of bricks and mortar due to extreme heat is also common. Minor cracking and discoloration of bricks and mortar are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Fireplace collects water The fireplace shouldbe freeofwater under normal operating conditions.Watermay appear in the fireplaceduringextremeweather eventswhenrain isdrivendownthe chimney by high winds. If the fireplace collects water under normal operating conditions, it will be repaired. Draft from fireplace or chimney Some air can be expected to enter the home through the fireplace. This is a normal occurrence and is not a construction defect and is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Homeowners can reduce the volume of air entering the house through the fireplace by keeping the damper closed when the fireplace isnot being used. Artificial log gas fireplaces Artificial log gas fireplaces are consumer products and are not coveredunder the Century Communities’ Warranty. If an artificial log gas fireplace does not perform to the manufacturer’s specifications during the fit-and-finish warranty period, please consult your Century Communities for assistance in contacting the manufacturer or local distributor. C. D. E.



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