National Warranty manual

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G. Basement or crawl space leaks Basements should not leak water. Crawl spaces should be graded and drained to prevent water accumulations that exceed 3/4ths of an inch. Basements and crawl spaces that do not meet this standardwill be repaired. Some moisture can be expected to come to the surface as newly poured concrete dries. This is a normal part of the curing process and is not considered a leak. Homeowners should not install landscaping or make grade changes that will prevent moisture from draining away from the basement or crawl space. Homeowners are required to contact Century Communities immediately when a leak is detected. Appliances and fixtures not installed by Century Communities Plumbing fixtures or appliances not installed by Century Communities are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. PART 22: STRUCTURAL DEFECT PROTECTION COVERAGE Chimney has separated from the house Separation between the chimney and the house should not exceed 1/2 of an inch over a 10-foot span. Chimneys that do not meet this standardwill be repaired. B. Structural concrete floors Cracksinstructuralconcretefloorsshouldnotexceed3/16thsofaninchinhorizontalor vertical displacement. Concrete floors that do not meet this standardwill be repaired. Cracks and movement at expansion joints are normal and are not considered constructiondefectsandarenot coveredunder the Century Communities’ Warranty. C. Structural basement wall is cracked, out of plumb or bowed Poured concrete and concrete block walls should not contain cracks larger than 1/4th of an inch in vertical or horizontal displacement. Walls should not bow or be out of plumb by more than one inch over an eight-foot span. Walls that do not meet these standards will be repaired. D. Structural retaining walls Structural retaining walls should not have movement that causes settlement of the foundation. Water should not pass through retaining walls except through drain and weep holes. Structural retaining walls that do not meet these standards will be repaired. Homeowners or homeowners’ associations are responsible for maintaining grading at swells andnear retaining walls to ensure proper drainage. Homeowners or homeowners’ associations should not plant trees near retaining walls that require special watering or have root systems which could damage the retaining wall. H. A.


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