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Climatic conditions impact the paint used on the exterior. Over time, this finish will fade and dull a bit. Depending on the exposure to weather of each surface, the paint on some parts of your home may begin to show signs of deterioration sooner than others. When you repaint the exterior of your home, begin by resetting popped nails and removing blistered or peeling portions of paint with a wire brush or putty knife. Sand, spot with primer, and then paint the entire area.

TIP: Avoid having sprinklers spray water on the exterior components of your home. This will cause blistering, peeling, splintering, and other damage to the home.

Severe Weather Hail and wind can cause a great deal of damage in a severe storm. Promptly inspect and report damage caused by severe weather to your insurance company. Stain For minor interior stain touch-ups, a furniture polish and stain treatment is inexpensive, easy to use, and will blend in with the wood grain. Follow directions on the bottle. Touch-Up When doing paint touch-ups, use a roller, applying paint only to the damaged spot. Touch-up may not match the surrounding area exactly, even if the same paint mix is used. Wall Cracks We suggest that you wait until after the first heating season to repair drywall cracks or other separations due to shrinkage. See also “Drywall” on page 5.14. Century Communities Limited Warranty Guidelines During your orientation, we will confirm that all painted or stained surfaces are in acceptable condition. Century Communities will touch up paint as indicated on the orientation list. You are responsible for all subsequent touch-up except painting we perform as part of another warranty repair. If we perform a warranty repair that involves painting, we will use the same paint that was on the surface when the home was delivered. We are not responsible for painting or matching custom colors. Cracking As it ages, exterior wood trim will develop minor cracks and raised grain. Much of this will occur during the first year. Raised grain permits moisture to get under the paint and can result in peeling. This is not a defect in materials or workmanship. Paint maintenance of wood trim is your responsibility. Fading Expect fading of exterior paint or stain caused by the effects of sun and weather. Century Communities limited warranty excludes this occurrence.


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