National Warranty manual

S E C T I O N 5 — H OM E C OM P O N E N T S A N D T O P I C S

Stainless Steel Sinks Clean stainless steel sinks with soap and water to preserve their luster. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool pads; these will damage the finish. Prevent bleach from coming into prolonged contact with the sink as it can pit the surface. An occasional cleaning with a good stainless steel cleaner will enhance the finish. Also avoid using the sink as a cutting board — sharp knives will gouge the finish. Local water conditions affect the appearance of stainless steel. A white film can develop on the sink if you have over-softened water or water with a high concentration of minerals. In hard water areas, a brown surface stain can form appearing like rust. None of these conditions are covered by Century Communities Limited Warranty. Tank Care Avoid exposing the toilet to blows from sharp or heavy objects, which can cause chipping or cracking. Avoid abnormal pressures against the sides of the tank. It is possible to crack the tank at the points where it is attached to the bowl. Water Filter or Softener If you install either a water filter or a water softener, carefully read the manufacturer’s literature and warranty for your specific model.


No Water Anywhere in the Home Before calling for service, check to confirm that:

• The main shut off inside your home is open. • The main shut off at the street is open. • The individual shut-offs for each water-using item are open.

No Hot Water See “TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS: NO HOT WATER” on page 5.50.

Leak Involving One Sink, Tub, or Toilet • Check caulking and grout. • Confirm shower door or tub enclosure was properly closed. • Turn water supply off to that item. • Use other facilities in your home and report problem on next business day.

Leak Involving a Main Line • Turn water off at the meter in your home. • Call emergency number for service.

Back Up at One Toilet • If only one toilet is affected, corrections occur during normal business hours. • Shut off the water supply to the toilet involved.


PA G E 5 . 3 9

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