National Warranty manual

S E C T I O N 5 — H OM E C OM P O N E N T S A N D T O P I C S

ordinary glass. If broken, tempered glass breaks into small circular pieces rather than large splinters, which can easily cause injury.

Keep sliding door tracks clean for smooth operation and to prevent damage to the frame. Silicone lubricants work well for these tracks. Acquaint yourself with the operation of the sliding glass door hardware for maximum security. Under certain lighting conditions, door glass may be hard to see. If you keep the screen fully closed when the glass door is open, your family will be accustomed to opening something before going through. You may want to apply a decal to the glass door to make it readily visible. Sticking Windows Most sliding windows (both vertical and horizontal) are designed for a 10-pound pull. If sticking occurs or excessive pressure is required to open or close a window, apply a silicone lubricant. This is available at hardware stores. Avoid petroleum-based products. Weep Holes In heavy rains, water may collect in the bottom channel of window frames. Weep holes are provided to allow excess water to escape to the outside. Keep the bottom window channels and weep holes free of dirt and debris for proper operation. Century Communities Limited Warranty Guidelines We will confirm that all windows, screens and sliding glass doors are in acceptable condition prior to closing. Century Communities will repair or replace broken windows or damaged screens noted on the orientation list. Windows should operate with reasonable ease and locks should perform as designed. If they do not, Century Communities will provide adjustments within the warranty period. Condensation Condensation on interior surfaces of the window and frame is the result of high humidity within the home and low outside temperatures. You influence the humidity level within your home; Century Communities provides no corrective measure for this condition. Condensation that accumulates between the panes of glass in dual-glazed windows indicates a broken seal. Century Communities will replace any necessary components if this occurs during the warranty period and not due to wear and tear. Infiltration Some air and dust will infiltrate around windows, especially before the installation of landscaping in the general area. Century Communities warranty excludes this occurrence. Scratches Century Communities confirms that all window glass is in acceptable condition prior to closing. Minor scratches on windows can result from delivery, handling and other construction activities. Century Communities will replace any necessary components of the window if scratches are readily visible from a distance of four feet. Century Communities does not replace windows that have scratches visible only under certain lighting conditions.


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