National Warranty manual

(ii) Non-Load Bearing Elements . The remaining elements of your home are not load-bearing elements under this Structural Defect Warranty. A non-exclusive list of some of the non-load-bearing elements in Your Home not covered by this Structural Defect warranty are: • Non-load-bearing partitions and walls; • Wall tile or paper, etc.; • Drywall and plaster; • Flooring and sub-flooring material; • Stucco, brick and stone veneer; • Any type of exterior siding; • Roof shingles, roof tiles, sheathing, and tar paper; • Heating, cooling, ventilating, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems; • Appliances, fixtures or items of equipment; • Doors, trim, cabinets, hardware, insulation, paint, stains; and • Basement and other interior floating, ground-supported concrete slabs. 2.3 Performance standards. The performance standards included with this Warranty will be used to determine if a component is performing within an acceptable tolerance. Although the performance standards cover most of the components of the home, there may be some components that are not addressed. If the performance standards do not address a particular component, then the performance standard will be the generally accepted local building practice and standard in effect when a building permit was first issued for the home (or for any jurisdictions where a building permit is not required, then the date construction of the home commenced). In addition, to the extent a different performance standard is required by applicable law and cannot be modified by a written warranty, the performance standard that provides the greater coverage will apply. 2.4 Repair obligations. (A) Repair of a construction defect. If a construction defect exists during an applicable warranty coverage period as provided in section 2.2, then we will take action as determined by us to correct the construction defect. Corrective action will be based on the individual circumstances and our judgment. The corrective action may include, but is not limited to, repair, adjustment or at our option replacement of a defective or damaged component. (B) Repair of other damage . We will also repair or at our option replace any component damaged by a construction defect. We are not, however, obligated to repair or replace any non-damaged components.


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