National Warranty manual

proper performance and longevity. As part of regular maintenance, homeowners shouldseal surface cracks at least annually and apply a topcoat sealer to the asphalt at least every twoyears toprevent damage G. Pavers Variations in the vertical displacement of pavers should not exceed 1/2 of an inch over any four-foot span. Gaps between pavers should not exceed 1/2 of an inch. Gaps between irregularly shaped pavers may be greater than 1/2 of an inch. Pavers that do not meet these standards will be repaired. Heavy water runoff will cause sand between pavers to wash out. This is a normal occurrence and is not considered a construction defect and is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Homeowners should not allow heavy equipment (including moving vans and delivery trucks) to be driven onto pavers. Damage to pavers caused by excessive loads is not coveredunder theCentury Communities’ Warranty. Imperfections in drywall finish Cracks, blisters, nail pops, seams or other imperfections shouldnot be visible fromsix feet away at a 90-degree angle under normal lighting conditions. Century Communities will repair drywall that does not meet this standard once during the fit-and-finish warranty coverage period.  TIP: Cracks indrywall surfaces occur over time as anewhome settles. These cracks are usuallycosmetic and can be easily filled and repainted by homeowners. Textured drywall finishes Many textured drywall finishes are designed to be uneven and to include variations in color and patterns. Drywall textures are also frequently appliedby hand,whichwill result in some variations in finish. These variations are not considered construction defects and are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Paint does not cover drywall or surface trim completely Thesurfacebeingpaintedwill not showthroughnewpaintwhenviewedfromastandingposition facing the surface at distance of 6 feet under normal lighting conditions. Surfaces that have been painted by Century Communities that do not meet this standardwill be repaired. Paint that is applied by anyone other than Century Communities is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Wallpaper has peeled or bubbled Wallpaper installed by Century Communities should adhere uniformly to drywall surfaces. Wallpaper that does not meet this standard will be repaired or replaced. Note: Wallpaper installed on model homes is not covered under Century Communities’ Warranty. Wallpaper pattern is not aligned Patternedwallpaper installed by Century Communities shouldbe aligned towithin 1/8th B. C. D. E.



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