National Warranty manual

systems installedbyCentury Communities that aremade by others arenot coveredunder the Century Communities’ Warranty. Damage to wiring systems not caused by Century Communities is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Ceiling fans Ceiling fans are consumer products and are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. If a ceiling fan does not perform to the manufacturer’s specifications during the fit-and finish warranty period, please consult your Customer Service Team for assistance in contacting the manufacturer or localdistributor. D. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) devices GFCIs and AFCIs should perform as intended and will be installed in accordance with the applicable codes. AFCI and GFCI devices that trip excessively or fail to reset will be replaced. Circuit breaker trips Circuit breakers should not trip under normal operating conditions. Circuit breakers that trip excessively under normal operating conditions will be replaced. Switch, outlet, doorbell or light fixture does not work Switches, outlets, doorbells and light fixtures should operate as designed. Switches, outlets, doorbells and light fixtures that do not operate as designed will be repaired or replaced. Wiring does not carry specified load Wiring will be capable of carrying the designed load for normal residential use. Wiring that does not meet this standard will be repaired. Homeowners should not overload electrical systems. Wiring systems that fail due to overloading are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. PART 8: EXTERIOR SIDING AND TRIM A. Vinyl siding Some waviness in vinyl siding is expected. Waves or similar distortions in vinyl siding are considered excessive only if they exceed ½” in 32”. Any color siding, when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, will fade. Fading cannot be prevented. However, panels installed on the same wall under the same conditions should fade at the same rate. Vinyl siding that does not meet these standards will be repaired or replaced. C. E. F. G.


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