National Warranty manual

Damage caused by anyone other than Century Communities is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty.

D. Water or ice standing on flat roof Under normal weather conditions, minor water collection on flat roofs should not exceed3/8thsof an inch formore than48 hours following the endof a rainevent. Roofs that donotmeet this standard will be repaired. When temperatures are below freezing for extended periods, ice or snow accumulation on the roof is likely. This is a normal occurrence and is not considered a construction defect and is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Repair work performed by Century Communities Replacement tiles or shingles will not match original tiles and shingles due to weathering and manufacturing variations. Gutter or downspout leaks or overflows Under normal weather conditions, gutters and downspouts should not leak or overflow. Gutters and downspouts that do not meet this standard will be repaired. During heavy rains, gutters may overflow.  TIP: Homeowners must ensure that gutters and downspouts are not obstructed by debris. G. Gutter retains water Water accumulation exceeding 1/2 of an inch shouldnot remain in gutters following a rain unless obstructed by ice, snow or debris, or in areas with high relative humidity. Gutters that do not meet this standard will be repaired. Standing water should not remain within 10 feet of the house for more than 24 hours or for more than 48 hours in swales or other drainage areas following the end of a rain event, except under the following conditions: rain occurs on successive days; the ground is frozen; flooding caused by acts of nature such as hurricanes; or the lot is designed to retain water in collection areas. Site drainage systems that do not meet these standards will berepaired. Homeowners or homeowners’ associations should not install landscaping, fences or modify lotgrades that would impede waterdrainage. Homeowners or homeowners’ associations shouldavoid installing irrigationsystems that spraywater on thehome. Healthy grass and other vegetation will minimize drainage and erosion problems. It is essential for homeowners or homeowners’ associations to install (if applicable) and properlymaintaingrass and landscaping. E. F.

PART 17: SITE DRAINAGE, LANDSCAPING AND RETAINING WALLS A. Water does not drain properly from lot


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