National Warranty manual

canbe expected to crack and displace. This is normal and is not considered a construction defect. Homeowners are required to inspect caulking and make repairs as necessary to prevent water leakage.


Window difficult to operate, will not stay in place or lock Windows should open, close and lock. Windows should stay in place when left open. Windows that do not meet these standards will be repaired. Contact the window manufacturer directly for service. Changes in moisture and temperature may impact the amount of effort required to openor closewindows. Homeowners should keep window sills and tracks clean and clear of debris, which can prevent windows from operatingproperly. Window grid is not level Window grids should be mounted to the window frame as required by the manufacturer’s specifications. Windows that do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications will be repaired. Air leaks around windows Some air can be expected to enter and escape around window openings, especially during high winds and at low temperatures. This is not a construction defect and is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Moisture between window panes Moisture should not collect between window panes in sealed insulation windows. Windows that do not meet this standard will be repaired or replaced per the manufacturer’s warranty. Installing window tinting voids the warranty on glass panels and seals. Moisture that collects between window panes as a result of window tinting is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. E. Sand or dust infiltration Windows andwindowopenings arenot designedto completelyprevent sand, dust or otherairborne particles fromenteringthehouse.Someinfiltrationof theseitemscanbe expected, particularly during high winds. This is not a construction defect and is not coveredunder theCentury Communities’ Warranty. F. Storm shutters Storm shutters should operate per the manufacturer’s specifications. Storm shutters that do not meet these specifications will be repaired. Damage to exterior paint that results from the removal of storm shutter hardware is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. B. C. D.


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