National Warranty manual



Septic systems

Septic systems should drain waste products without interruption. Septic systems that do not meet this standarddue to faultyworkmanship or defectivematerialswill be repaired. Damage to septic systems caused by tree roots, alterations to the drainage field made by anyone other than Century Communities, or by the failure to conduct periodic maintenance are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. B. Water wells Under normal operating conditions, water wells should provide adequate water supply for normal household use. Wells that do not meet this standard will be repaired. Supply disruptions caused by conditions beyond the control of Century Communities, such as droughts or temporary electrical outages, are not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. Homeowners are required to properly maintain water well systems, including regular inspection of the wellhead and testing for water quality. Damage caused by a lack of, or improper, maintenance is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. PART 21: LEAK PROTECTION A. Water pipe freezes and bursts Drain, waste, vent, and water pipes will be adequately protected to reduce the possibility of freezing at the design temperatures and based on the prevailing building or plumbing codes. Century will correct situations not meeting the applicable code. Homeowners are responsible for removing hoses and draining or insulating outdoor pipes and fixtures in winter to prevent damage. Homeowners should maintain a minimum temperature of 65 degrees inside the home. Damage that occurs as the result of failure to protect pipes or maintain minimum temperatures is not covered under the Century Communities’ Warranty. B. Ice damming Ice damming occurs when snow or ice on the roof melts and refreezes on the overhang portion of the roof or against a wall adjacent to a roof. Under certain weather conditions, the buildup of ice at these locations can prevent the normal flow of water off of the roof, increasing the risk of water backingup under the roofingmaterial and entering the home. Roofs that allow water into the house as a result of improper installation of roofing materials or ventilation systems will be repaired.  TIP: To prevent melting ice from entering the home, snow and ice should be removed from overhangs. Heavy snow loads may also increase the risk of ice damming by blocking the ventilation system for the roof. Roofs should be maintained to prevent blockage of the roof ventilation system. Plumbing system leaks Water distribution andwastewater collectionpipes, other than the shut-off valves, supply lines and fixtures described on page 20, should not leak as the result of faulty C.


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