National Warranty manual

S E C T I O N 4 — C A R I N G F O R YO U R H OM E

4 caring for your home

Century Communities has constructed your home with carefully selected materials that meet or exceed industry standards. Although we build from plans and specifications, no two homes are exactly alike. When you purchased your home, you actually purchased hundreds of items and the work of 40 – 55 separate and independent trade contractors. With so many variables, an organized system is critical for the warranty service. We have three scheduled customer relation visits in the first year:

• During the first month • 5 – 6 months • At 11 months

For warranty requests (see ”Warranty Requests” on page 4.3) and have emergency response procedures in place (see “Emergency Service” on page 4.2) during the first year in your home. Service for your appliances is handled differently and is described under “Manufacturer Warranties and Care” on page 4.1. We recognize that it is impossible to anticipate and describe every detail needed for home maintenance, and this manual focuses on items that homeowners commonly ask about. OWNER MAINTENANCE AND MANUFACTURER INFORMATION As the homeowner, providing regular home maintenance is your responsibility and will help maintain the value of your home. Periodic maintenance is necessary because of normal wear and tear, the inherent characteristics of the materials used in your home, and normal service required by the various mechanical systems. Natural fluctuations in temperature and humidity also affect your home, resulting in maintenance items. With a product as complex as a home, there are many items that are homeowner maintenance responsibilities and others that fall under the Century Communities warranty. If you request warranty service on a maintenance item, we will explain to you the steps you should take to care for the item. We are available to answer your home-care questions during and after your warranty period. Prompt Attention Routine maintenance is critical. It should be consistent and prompt in order to save you from potentially serious and sometimes costly repairs down the road. In addition, neglecting or delaying routine maintenance can void applicable limited warranty coverage on all or part of your home.

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